Dear Noblesville Community,

I am running for a seat on the Noblesville School Board because I want to ensure every child has a free, safe, and welcoming learning environment.

Education is the great equalizer. It is the key to unlocking your fullest potential, no matter your background. It levels the playing field. Every child deserves to receive an education that gives them that opportunity.

My vision for Noblesville Schools is to have it heralded as a national leader in public education for establishing a model that unlocks each student’s greatest potential.

Every child deserves to feel valued, respected and seen. Every teacher deserves to be supported, trusted and nurtured to create exceptional learning environments.

I am running because I want to realize these goals while my young children are still in school. I am running because your children deserve this kind of education.

I am running because I care. I want to help. I will be an advocate for teachers. I will be a voice for students, and I will represent you: parents and community members. I want you to be proud of our school district. 

Our community needs to come together — I plan on building those bridges.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. Please visit the “Get Involved” section of my site for ways to meet me.

Thank you,
Leigh Hamer

Family Life

Leigh and her husband, Tim, met their junior year at Hamilton Southeastern High School. Together, they are raising three children, who attend Noblesville Schools.

“My kids mean the world to me,” Leigh said. “It is my job to shape them and help them launch into a bright future. I believe all children deserve that kind of attention and devotion.”

Career Success

Leigh Hamer has built a career as a change agent and communications professional. Over her 15 year career, Leigh has led marketing and PR efforts for a variety of brands across an array of industries, including the Saint Louis Art Museum, Scottrade, and Nature’s Variety. She is currently Director, Customer Success at Lumavate, a Carmel-based software company.

Her breadth of experience has given Leigh opportunities to see a multitude of teams in action and appreciate one core commonality:

People want clear and honest communication. People need to trust their leaders in order to have the motivation to solve problems.

“At each step of my career, I have been a change agent,” Leigh explains. “I am brought in to set bold goals, establish a strategic plan, and lead a team to deliver. I am good at that. I excel at building with limited resources, coaching teammates through change, and ensuring clear communications throughout the entire process.”